1. Just saying

    I have NEVER been threatened with violence/berated verbally by an MRA. I have been threatened with violence/berated verbally by more feminists than I can count on both hands. All because of my personal opinions.
    MRA’S acknowledge that both men and women can be victims of domestic/sexual violence. A massive number of (albeit probably mostly radical) feminists seem to believe that men, regardless of creed or color, are untouchable when it comes to many forms of violence, especially sexual violence.

    MRA’s never talk about “killing all the women” or “drinking succulent female tears”. I’ve never seen an actual example of any MRA making “rape threats” like feminists constantly accuse them of. But I’ve seen plenty of outlandishly crude attacks on men/MRA supporters by feminists (ex: die cis scum, you deserve to be castrated, “you need to have your penis cut off and fed to dogs”, etc.)…. So what’s with the delusion? Why are violent death fantasies thought up by women “just jokes” but the term “feminazi” is taken as a massive insult to feminists?

    I wish I had answers to these questions…

    Waiting for the wave of hate to wash over me like a tsunami

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    And this is from a “Pansexual genderfluid girlfag”. Not exactly the textbook MRA defender- they’re just speaking the...
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    I’m glad that at least one feminist is embarrassed about what happened. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with UoT
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    3 talks between Nov 2012 and April 2013, yes. At all three talks, feminists broke the law trying to silence people...
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    There have been 3(? correct me if I got this wrong please) talks at Canadian universities in the past 6 months or so,...
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